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Daily Yoga 30 Mins for 30 Days and BEYOND – Day 15

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Half way through my yoga challenge!

It has been good, fitting in bits and pieces as I go along my day. A “challenge” indeed with 2 little ones to chase after 🙂

My body is feeling alive and stronger as I connect each day to the Earth, to the Source to my Spirit.

I am working on so many different projects as of late – with all of my personal growth, I have been in a massive state of receiving all sorts of inspirations from within. It is exciting to put pen to paper and create, there is so much I want to share with the world, so much I want to help others achieve!

My biggest challenge at the moment is scheduling my day/evening to get all that I want to accomplished!

Have a beautiful day,

Jenn xx


Daily Yoga 30 Mins for 30 Days and BEYOND – Day 8 & 9

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Something you may not know about me, I have for the longest time, wanted to be a yoga instructor!

I dream of teaching all shapes and sizes, all ages, all abilities, everyone and anyone open to the life-changing practice of yoga. For it is with yoga that one can truly get to know herself on a completely different level.

I feel most like myself when I am deep into my practice. So much clarity is gained when I let go, breathe and just be.

Unsure of when this will all unfold, but I deeply trust the Universe is looking out for me 🙂

Blessed am I to have this sacred practice in my life.


Jenn xx

May Cause Miracles – Day 41

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Wow, I cannot believe I am at the end of this journey! However, as I have said before, it is only the beginning.

The beginning of a new way of thinking, being, feeling and Loving in the world.

This is ongoing work, but has certainly set up a very strong foundation. I plan to go through this course again, as well as start A Course in Miracles.

…your impact on the greater consciousness is directly related to the choice you make in this moment. – May Cause Miracles

I AM a Miracle Worker, I am here to be truly helpful. To impact the world, to show Love first.

Each choice for love supplies lack with light and offers the world a blessing. – May Cause Miracles

I am ready.

With Love,
Jenn xx

Daily Yoga 30 Mins for 30 Days and BEYOND – Day 7

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I did my yoga this morning as I knew I would be gone for the whole day and night. So interrupted yoga with the kids surrounding me it was 🙂

Depending on the time if say I do yoga, will determine the type if yoga I do. Usually the evenings are calm and gentle as I get ready for bed. Morning and day time are reserved for flow/power yoga mostly… Loads of sun salutations of course!

Jenn x

Daily Yoga 30 Mins for 30 Days and BEYOND – Day 6

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Another day of children surrounding me at yoga time.

Did I get much accomplished?

No, not in a physical sense. Yes, in connecting with my children.

Was my heart happy?


Is that what truly counts?

Most definitely 🙂


PS. Off to do a few more asanas before bed!

May Cause Miracles – Day 40 Recap

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Wow, Day 40!!!

I feel like I have been doing this for MONTHS (and I mean that in a good way!).

Such a wonderful journey that I have come so far in. I have learned SO much about myself. I trust myself more. I Love myself more. I see my worth on this planet way more.

Another letter today…

Not of gratitude, but of forgiveness. A letter to dish out all of whatever needed to be said, to get off of my chest, to then come full circle and FORGiVE and see the positive in that encounter. The lesson that moves me closer to Love. Closer to my true purpose.

Forgiveness is the greatest gift you have to offer the world. – May Cause Miracles

It felt good to write my letter! I have used this technique before, the simple act of writing it down (even without sending it), getting everything off of your chest. And then sending it out there. The energy attached to that act is more important than having a confrontation. Your intention is to move forward, to forgive, to let go. This is a great way to do it!

The bold commitment to forgive your ego’s falseness is the true catalyst for miracles. – May Cause Miracles


Jenn 🙂

May Cause Miracles – Day 39 Recap Part 2

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Writing a letter to express Gratitude to another person is powerful. That was a task for today’s work.

To express fully what is in your heart and not hold back is profound. To express how another persons actions or way of being has inspired you or bettered your life somehow is incredible.

What you project internally you will perceive externally. When you project an inner state of gratitude, you bring light to your external perceptions. – May Cause Miracles

Isn’t that fabulous? Here is another one from the book…

Each time you affirm your loving perspective of the world you dissociate from fear and flat out feel better.

The more gratitude we show and feel, the more rich our lives become.


Now write a letter (email is fine too) to someone you are Grateful for 🙂

Jenn x

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