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May Cause Miracles – Day 41

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Wow, I cannot believe I am at the end of this journey! However, as I have said before, it is only the beginning.

The beginning of a new way of thinking, being, feeling and Loving in the world.

This is ongoing work, but has certainly set up a very strong foundation. I plan to go through this course again, as well as start A Course in Miracles.

…your impact on the greater consciousness is directly related to the choice you make in this moment. – May Cause Miracles

I AM a Miracle Worker, I am here to be truly helpful. To impact the world, to show Love first.

Each choice for love supplies lack with light and offers the world a blessing. – May Cause Miracles

I am ready.

With Love,
Jenn xx


May Cause Miracles – Day 40 Recap

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Wow, Day 40!!!

I feel like I have been doing this for MONTHS (and I mean that in a good way!).

Such a wonderful journey that I have come so far in. I have learned SO much about myself. I trust myself more. I Love myself more. I see my worth on this planet way more.

Another letter today…

Not of gratitude, but of forgiveness. A letter to dish out all of whatever needed to be said, to get off of my chest, to then come full circle and FORGiVE and see the positive in that encounter. The lesson that moves me closer to Love. Closer to my true purpose.

Forgiveness is the greatest gift you have to offer the world. – May Cause Miracles

It felt good to write my letter! I have used this technique before, the simple act of writing it down (even without sending it), getting everything off of your chest. And then sending it out there. The energy attached to that act is more important than having a confrontation. Your intention is to move forward, to forgive, to let go. This is a great way to do it!

The bold commitment to forgive your ego’s falseness is the true catalyst for miracles. – May Cause Miracles


Jenn 🙂

May Cause Miracles – Day 39 Recap Part 2

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Writing a letter to express Gratitude to another person is powerful. That was a task for today’s work.

To express fully what is in your heart and not hold back is profound. To express how another persons actions or way of being has inspired you or bettered your life somehow is incredible.

What you project internally you will perceive externally. When you project an inner state of gratitude, you bring light to your external perceptions. – May Cause Miracles

Isn’t that fabulous? Here is another one from the book…

Each time you affirm your loving perspective of the world you dissociate from fear and flat out feel better.

The more gratitude we show and feel, the more rich our lives become.


Now write a letter (email is fine too) to someone you are Grateful for 🙂

Jenn x

May Cause Miracles – Day 39 Recap Part 1

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Day 39 focuses on Gratitude.

I have A LOT to be grateful for. I am getting to a place where I can snap into being grateful for oxygen in an instant when things seem hard.

It puts everything into perspective.

Thinking of how hard some people’s lives are also brings clarity.

I am taking an extra day on this one, partly because I don’t want this to end 🙂 but also to keep myself in a state of gratitude for another day to really dig deep and be grateful for the things that seem odd to be grateful for.

I want to show gratitude to myself for being me, for learning more about myself, for accepting myself as I am, for loving myself.

I’ll leave with a quote…

Happiness is an internal condition that doesn’t require outside influence. – May Cause Miracles

With Gratitude,

May Cause Miracles – Day 37 Recap

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Today I felt really strong and centered. I recited my affirmation A LOT…

Inner Guide, I welcome you to show me where to go, what to do, and what to say.

The focus of today’s teachings was to surrender to the fact that my life is for a higher purpose; to bring more light into the world.

I fully accept this mission and was really conscious about all of my thoughts today. Whenever my mind went to that place of doubt or fear, I kind of snapped myself out of it as quickly as I could. Just that awareness and the act of being more conscious really proves we have absolute power over our emotions and our reactions.


…wholeheartedly surrender to say yes to your inner voice of love.

Good night!
Jenn xx

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