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May Cause Miracles – Day 39 Recap Part 2

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Writing a letter to express Gratitude to another person is powerful. That was a task for today’s work.

To express fully what is in your heart and not hold back is profound. To express how another persons actions or way of being has inspired you or bettered your life somehow is incredible.

What you project internally you will perceive externally. When you project an inner state of gratitude, you bring light to your external perceptions. – May Cause Miracles

Isn’t that fabulous? Here is another one from the book…

Each time you affirm your loving perspective of the world you dissociate from fear and flat out feel better.

The more gratitude we show and feel, the more rich our lives become.


Now write a letter (email is fine too) to someone you are Grateful for 🙂

Jenn x


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