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Hello I am Jenn!

I am on a CRAZY mission to EMPOWER the masses into an abundant mindset. To return you to the natural state you came into the world as… Happy 🙂 My heart is bursting to help as many people as I possibly can live with one thing,


Happiness and joy are there for all of us who make a DECISION.

I want to redefine what the “stereotypical” internet marketer/blogger looks like; not all of us look like that creepy Internet person who sits in the dark 24 hours a day, glued to a laptop.


I sit in the dark and meditate!

I am a Mother, Woman, Friend and Conscious Being who also “works” online!

I am simply a mama raising my children to the best of my ability and helping other people have incredible lives.

I am here to support YOU whether you are a stay-at-home mom/dad, an executive, an average joe or my cousins sister-in-law… It doesn’t matter, I am here to serve.

Abundance Awaits for all of us when we decide to fully tap in. Open your heart, change your mindset and the Universe WILL provide!

With Blessings,


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**To find out how to be a part of a community where global-minded people are changing the world send me an email to [jennrankin at gmail dot com] with the subject “Community”!!


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  1. I just watched a video tip and loved it. Great web site!!!


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