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Daily Yoga 30 Mins for 30 Days and BEYOND – Day 2

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Tonight I completed about 20 minutes of various standing poses and another 15 of savasana (also know as corpse pose)

Corpse pose has got to be my favourite hands down. Don’t think that the fact you are laying down on the ground, not moving is not significant to your practice. I have heard time and time again how savasana is one of the most important poses in yoga. And all methods of yoga incorporate it, so it must be beneficial!

I feel grounded, weightless, and completely blissed out in this pose. Not to mention how I love to meditate there as well. And no I don’t fall asleep 🙂

This is a great quote on the power of savasana,

When no effort is expended on supporting the body, there is greater opportunity to play with the process of focusing the mind in the present moment. – Arkie Yogini

It feels good to be making this solid commitment to my body, mind and soul.

Be blessed friends,
Jenn xx


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