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May Cause Miracles – Day 35 Recap

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Today was reflection of the past week and all of the work I have done. I will admit I woke in a bad place, but as the day went on I made a conscious effort to realign myself with my purpose and my heart.

Such a simple act, yet so profound.

I think when you can become conscious about being conscious, everything changes.

I know I’m being guided. I will receive. – May Cause Miracles

I find it ridiculously liberating that we have the absolute POWER to choose our thoughts at any given moment. It is more the act of un-learning old patterns and negative reactions that hold us back.

Do you have control over your emotions? Your thoughts?

I am really looking forward to my final week of this journey (however the journey is really just beginning). Being open, being clear in my purpose and being receptive to the wisdom of my Inner Guide.

To share miracles with the world and use my life to spread Love.

Only love is real. – A Course In Miracles

Jenn x

**Something I have neglected, time for ANOTHER challenge!**


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