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May Cause Miracles – Day 33 Part 2

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Today was SUCH a better day!

I wrote a BIG list out of all the ways in which I forgive myself for all of the ways in the past that I have mismanaged money. As well as the attitude I had against money, ie. like it was a bad thing!

When financial fear is high, it’s likely that a past belief is affecting your current behavior. – May Cause Miracles

Money is ENERGY!!

And, yes I have felt those crappy feelings of insecurity where money is concerned, haven’t we all?!

But I know now deep inside, that there is a better way. Shifting the focus, taking actionable steps to move into the right direction.

It is possible.

I forgive myself for all of the CRAP I fed my brain; that I was unworthy to make good money, that I could never be free of debt.

My perception of debt was negative, so obviously anything else attached to that would produce bad energy!

An affirmation I use quite a bit (and the more I say it, the more I mean it… hint, hint!) Money flows freely into my life, there is enough for everyone.

Peace and vibrational monies,

Jenn x

** A great tip I recently learned with making videos! **


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