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May Cause Miracles – Day 33 Recap Part 1

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Here my friends is a practical scenario where the ego kicks in when all is going so well, just to bring you back down to its nasty level (I am referring to the unhealthy component of the ego in this case).

As I wrote in yesterdays post, my day was wonderful! And wouldn’t you know, I got sucked back into not such a great day. It wasn’t terrible by any means, just not ideal. I did not wake up with an intention for the day, I didn’t open my May Cause Miracles  book until nearly noon – so already, I did not have a focus to keep me centered.

Gabrielle wrote about just that; the ego will try and pull you out, offering distractions, self doubt and other ugliness all to see if you are on top your game. Needless to day, I was not on my game! This is truly hard work people!

I am in no means beating myself up over a low-energy, kind of crappy day – just choosing for tomorrow to be better. Setting my intention, turning on some good ol’ 80’s music to light my fire and get outside! And also go to bed earlier tonight…

I am a chronic night owl, it is the time where I get stuff done. Work, folding laundry, dishes, tidying, etc. And it is my only time of the day to have some ‘me’ time – crucial as all you mamas out there know!

So I am now setting my bedtime to midnight, you may think jeez that’s still late. But, my kids sleep in until 8am so I am blessed in that regard 🙂

Back to the MCM work… today’s focus is all about forgiveness. Based on the above writing, a little forgiveness and Love is in order!

Many Blessings,


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  1. Happy Sunday Jenn! I must also remember to be forgiving of my erroneous self as you often remind me 🙂


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