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May Cause Miracles – Day 30 Recap Part 1

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I am willing to change my inner dialogue about my finances.

The affirmation for today, day 30.

I am SO willing to continue to work hard at shifting my false perceptions about money; my ego has kept me in a state of lack for long enough!

Now that I understand, through a LOT of study and research, that money is simply energy, it hasn’t seemed like such a big fear. It doesn’t have the same power over me.

From May Cause Miracles,

When you genuinely acknowledge the ways your ego’s financial fears have hurt your bank account, your relationships, and your overall well-being, you’ll begin to open up to change.

I am willing to move ahead and attract more abundance into my life. Now is the time.

I have invented the world I see. – A Course In Miracles

Looking forward to more growth in this area as the week progresses!

Jenn x

Here is a video on my biggest challenge of being apart of a 30 Day Video Challenge, and HOW I broke through that fear regardless of judgement!


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  1. I have realized that with each day you come on the video you are coming more into your own. You even look different as the days progress, more like a white light. You seem brighter and happier. Keep them coming Jenn. I have almost got brave enough to do it myself.

    • Thank You so much Pauline! I SO appreciate your support – and you are right, I am coming into my own, getting more and more comfortable with sharing and speaking to whomever is out there to receive.
      Oh my goodness, you MUST do it Pauline! Seriously, I can’t even begin to tell you the breakthroughs I have had since doing this, going waaaaaay out of my comfort zone! xoxo

  2. I can;t imagine how terrifying it must be to make a video and put it out there! I would have run a mile in the opposite direction to avoid doing it 🙂 I sweat when I talk to people on the phone, forget about making a video. LOL! You are doing so well Jenn! 🙂 You look so comfortable in front of the camera 🙂 As for money, my perceptions are also changing. I’m shifting from “I want this so I’m gonna buy it” to “Do I really need to buy it?” . So I’m trying to save and minimize my expenditure, at least until I have a job 🙂 I’m trying to see money as my ally instead of an elusive foe.

    • Thank You Amba!
      Funny enough, it was mortifying to begin with, but now it is getting so much easier. You would be amazed at the love and support that would flood in, by putting your face out there!!
      Regardless of work, I think it is very conscious of you to put your money where it matters most 🙂


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