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May Cause Miracles – Day 29 Recap

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First day getting seriously serious about MONEY!

A subject that makes most peoples stomachs churn…

This week Gabrielle Bernstein is guiding me to get real about my relationship with money. My associations, my feelings… EVERYTHING surrounding money.

Most people don’t even realize the idea of money that has been deeply engrained into them since birth. And it is not about pointing fingers, this is a generational issue. We have lived with such a “lack” mentality of always needing more. Never satisfied, always trying to fill the void, only to do that and then repeat it again.

If you are reading this post, then there are a few things I can guarantee:

*** You have access to the internet.

*** You have access to a mobile device or computer.

*** Money has come into (and out of) your life.

So just as easy you can research the latest device, you can research how to get into the flow of money.

Money, like everything is ENERGY.

I am making a conscious decision/shift to energetically “up” my vibrational harmony with money and I suggest you do too!

From May Cause Miracles,

You must get honest about your financial fears if you’re going to change them.

So I have been madly journalling on my relationship with money and where my views and blockages have stemmed from. Fascinating how something we all want in our lives is SUCH a struggle!

Clearly we are doing something wrong and need to help ourselves shift the limiting beliefs keeping money away.

For me, acquiring wealth is not about buying “stuff”, it is about being able to live my life for ME and to be able to help my friends and family and beyond.

People have it backwards. It is not selfish or greedy to be rich… it is actually selfish and greedy to not be rich. You can help a lot more people when you have more money, you can only help yourself when you are poor… and sometimes you can’t even help yourself. Why would anyone not want to pursue the freedom and generosity that comes with having money? – Krista Abbott

So here’s to a BIG week of clearing blockages and attracting more of the riches of the universe into my life!

Blessings friends,


*** Here is video 8 of my 30 Day Video Challenge! Please let me know some of the breakthroughs you want to make in your life, I would love to hear from YOU! ***


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