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May Cause Miracles – Day 25 Recap

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The Universe had a HUGE lesson for me today…

I am proud of myself for recognizing when I move away from a loving place. I Love myself unconditionally because I am working hard to break old patterns and come from a place of Love FIRST.

…the thoughts we have about others are a mirror reflection of the thoughts we believe to be real about ourselves.

I hope you too, can look at yourself (with Love of course) and recognize when you are judging another human being, be KIND to yourself and VOW to do better next time!

Gratitude creates a domino effect of love.

I’ll raise my mug of roobios to that!

Have a beautiful day,


PS. Here is my 4th video of my 30 Day Video Challenge, all about a beautiful soul in my life…


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  1. Jenn, I entirely see where you are coming from. I have had many of these encounters when I have been judging people. I am not saying I do not judge people anymore because I know I do, not as often as I once did however it still happens. Everyone has a story, and every story is like a pancake-there is always 2 sides. Everyone is learning here on this planet we are just at different stages of growth and learning. By what you are saying to look for the good in people, it inspires others to keep growing and learning for themselves so love will shine through. Thanks for your words!

    • Yup, I think it is pretty fair to say the majority of us judge at some level or frequency. I love that pancake analogy Pauline! Your comment on everyone being at different stages is so true, if we could just show compassion and acceptance for everyone, our planet would be SO much more awake!

  2. That is one part of myself, I don’t particularly like-the fact that I judge people and keep wondering if they are judging me too 🙂 Insecurity much? LOL! But yes,I loved your video about stopping yourself from judging once you realize what you’re doing. So I’ll try to make a conscious effort to NOT judge people the moment I realize what I’m doing. Thanks Jenn. Have a great weekend!

    PS: Can I give you an unwarranted tip? Try to put the camera on a table or a steady place when shooting. I was a little distracted in between, but then again I probably have some sort of ADD LOL! 🙂

    • You are not alone Amba! But good for you to recognize and become conscious of doing better 🙂
      And Thank You for the tips on my videos, it seems the best time to be able to focus is at night with sleeping children close by (hence the crap lighting), you are right I need to stabilize the camera! I must set up a proper system as I plan on doing a LOT more videos!

      • Oh I didn’t think the lighting was crap-the soft lighting makes you look all glowy! So “crap” lighting for the win! 🙂 Can’t wait for the rest of your videos. Hope you’re having a rested Saturday.

      • Thanks Amba! I took your advice and shot my other videos tonight with my camera stable! Have a great weekend xx

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