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May Cause Miracles – Day 24 Recap

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Simple but powerful…

Kindness created me kind.

That was my affirmation for the day. But thankfully, I did not feel the need to use it during an imbalanced moment.

Today I embodied it! I felt really happy, calm & Love-centered ūüôā I had an incredible heart opening, healing session with two beautiful souls, Thomas, a¬†Multidimensional Healer & Medical Intuitive and Rita, an¬†Emotional Healer & Spiritual Counselor.

I cannot even begin to explain what went on today, but let’s just say my heart chakra has been reopened and blockages cleared. Incredible, I even learned the tip of some of ¬†my past life¬†experiences. Check out their website, they even do¬†Skype¬†sessions!

Regardless of where this kind of healing feels to you on the “comfort” scale, I was surrounded by Love and kindness from 2 people who are beyond passionate in helping others. It was such an incredible experience, such clarity¬†realized, more fears released and a few extra things I need to add to my body for it to run optimally. It fit in so beautifully with all of the work I have been doing during my May Cause Miracles journey.

It is amazing how the right people come into your life at just the right time. Below is a guided meditation that Thomas recommends daily to open your heart chakra, we did it today during my session, it was powerful!

As I get ready for ending my day, I am filled with gratitude and happiness (I LOVE YOU MUM!!). This final passage from my reading today feels like a lesson I learned very well today!

…we came from a loving, kind place and that through thoughts of kindness we will remember our truth.

And here is my video for Day 3 of my 30 Day Video Challenge, please like and share if you are so moved to!

BIG Love,

Jenn x

(Ps. I APPRECIATE your support more than you know!)


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