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May Cause Miracles – Day 22 Part 4 Recap

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Alas! Doing the work today! So I can move on and GROW onto day 23 🙂

I set my intention for a good day that was happy and calm, filled with bucket loads of patience with my daughter. This has been such a challenge as of late, she is a mirror of me in so many ways, when I am off, she feels it and tests me big time. Sometimes I pass, sometimes I fail. The last few days I have FAILED! It was interesting to witness today when she was looking for a particular reaction to something she would normally get a reaction from, she kept on pushing me – and boy was it hard to not go into reaction mode.

As you know, when you are not 100% (for whatever reason), everything around you is in direct response to that. So being a mama, it can be really hard to keep your focus on your purpose as a mother when you are bogged down by, well, life!

I used my affirmation a few times (aside from the hourly reminder) when I felt I was headed into a judgmental sate of mind,

Today I am the witness to my ego’s false perceptions of others.

It really does help me to shift back to this thought: when we judge another, we judge everyone and OURSELVES! This statement alone brings me back down to earth and keeps me über conscious on passing judgement. Who am I anyways to be judging anyone else?

I am off to get answering some tough questions (from the course) on all of this and some journaling. I am Loving journalling! So healing on my soul, takes me back to tortured teenaged years writing like it would save my life, it sure helped. Such a beautiful practice that really feels like the best way to debrief and help to make sense of whatever I am going through at a particular time.

Also, I wanted to share with you another exciting challenge I am embarking on starting today, a 30 Day Video Challenge. Some of my mentors put it out there and I thought, why the heck not?! I am all for growth and rapid change, so here goes! My first video is up!

Why I Am Here

Click on the picture and send me some Love!

Good night! x


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