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May Cause Miracles – Day 22 Recap Part 3

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Wow, another full on day – all sorts of stuff going on in my brain. Mostly, where to go from here.

I had a HUGE epiphany today, I got stuck starting day 22… Ever heard of the old “21 days to change a habit” saying?

So I made it to day 21 and then all the old crap came flooding back in, yep, my good ol’ EGO making an appearance! Just wanted to remind me he’s still here to overpower me… if I want it.

No thanks!

I have worked too hard and have come too far to let my ego return me back to my old ways.

This is HARD.

Seriously, hard. But I am so going to push through – as I said yesterday, there is something BIG right around the corner for me. I am trusting a breakthrough is a comin’ my way!!!

Sounds dramatic to some I’m sure, and No, I’m not some crazy person, I’m not in rehab – I am like you, trying my best everyday, wanting to be the best that I can be, being true to my core beliefs and powering through my fears to achieve big things. But that takes work and the willingness to shake up old ways/patterns of thinking.

I feel a surge of that energy returning, and I am going to take full advantage and run with it.

Time to continue full force and finish what I started, even though this learning/growing thing will never finish, I will always be learning, growing and challenging myself until I die. I never want to have all of the answers; I want to always be seeking information, empowering myself and expanding my horizons.




Good night!

Jenn x


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  1. I believe there is a break through around the corner for you as well. I feel it for myself and so I can imagine you do too. No way in the world, universe do you sound crazy for being an updated better version of yourself. You are a white light who when studied in pieces is an array of beautiful bold, bright and vibrant colours. You have the ability to do and be whom ever you decided it is you want to be. All it takes is doing different actions and thinking different thoughts to grow…. When I am stuck, I do something out of the ordinary, something I have not done in a long time, something that I have not ever done, something out of my comfort zone….wishing you a GREAT day and energy to power you around the corner to that something GREAT. That something great….IS YOU!

    • Thank You SO much Pauline for your comment! You are so right about doing something out of the ordinary that makes your stomach churn and legs wobbly in order to move past what is comfortable! The more I am doing just that, the stronger I feel! Lots of Love my friend xo


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