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May Cause Miracles – Day 21 Recap

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Halfway Mark Baby!!

So pumped and so proud of myself for digging in and committing to my path, even when it is hard and even when there are so many reasons and forces going against me (mostly myself!), telling me why I should just stay where I am (and have been)… because it feels safe.

Well BOO to safe – I am learning to listen to my intuition more and when I get that pang of fear and nervousness, my Inner Guide is telling me, JUMP IN! Well, maybe not jump in all the way (fear talking there!), but certainly move forward and put not just my toes in, but my feet – the rest of me will follow 🙂

This past week has been most transformational for me, it has not even been about the way I perceive my body (as that was the main focus this week). I learned and have fully embraced the true purpose of my body, which is to be a vehicle for Love. Doing all of this work guided by Gabby, praying and meditating has really brought me closer to this realisation.

And you know what?

Any crappy thoughts I had about myself, are gone.


Seriously, I am a so much more in tune with my body, its purpose and the distinct and direct connection between my thoughts/feelings and how they (whether good or bad) are manifested throughout my life.

Another miracle! It is so exciting to come to this as it feels so purposeful and right.

But, (there is ALWAYS a but) with this new realization of purpose, there is a duty to keep myself accountable, to further deepen my connection to self, to Source, to my Inner Guide, to my Intuition. In order to continue to feel as I do right now, I will keep going, become a student.


Full of Love.

Learning to Forgive Self and Others.


I can’t shout-it-from-the-rooftops loud enough how important consistent work and repetition is to bring about change. Seriously. Wherever you feel stuck, please write out an affirmation (start with I Love Myself, I am Safe) and REPEAT. It works! But only when YOU work 🙂

Some pictures of my beautiful children to end another incredible week of transformation. It’s all for them… and Me!



Big Love,

Jenn xx


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