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May Cause Miracles – Day 20 Recap

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The main focus today was on body acceptance. Acceptance of the way my body is perceived in my minds eye and witnessing the ways in which my ego has tried to keep me stuck in that not-always-loving space. Acceptance on what my body’s sole purpose is…

By accepting your body’s true function, which is to be a messenger for love; you’ll likely experience a miraculous shift.

… the miracle is a shift from body identification to spirit identification.

After going through this process, it is amazing how you really start to believe that anything is possible – your belief in yourself jumps astronomically! As much as this has all been very confronting and hard, it has been an experience that has made a HUGE impact on my life; I am becoming more of a creator vs. a sideliner. Everything changes when you choose your thoughts!


Today’s miracle is just simply starting to listen to my Inner Guide more regularly. My body is beautiful and perfect just the way it is, as I connect with this truth, everything just makes sense. I feel that now I am in a happier place, instead of trying to “get” happy. I just am.

Jenn x


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  1. How do you do it Jenn! Day after day, how to you keep re-affirming your self and your thoughts? I’m at a loss!

    • Honestly Amba, I made a choice to keep the affirmations and work going. It takes effort and I have to work really hard to keep it at the forefront. I am visual and keep it all nearby all day. Repetition is a MUST, then it just becomes part of you/your day and you feel at a loss without it, being more conscious of my thoughts and feelings is my compass to how things are going inside, am I happy? Frustrated? Annoyed? Happy? When I tune in, it is much easier to shift the crappiness into happiness 🙂
      You should really grab a copy of Gabby Bernsteins book and try this out, I think you will be amazed at the shifts that will happen, you will want to do it even when it is hard! She says the subtle shifts bring about miraculous change. This has made a massive change in my life!

      • Subtle shifts…hmm…that’s some food for thought. I will try being positive about my new lifestyle too 🙂 Thank you Jenn, as always, you inspire me 🙂

      • Thank You Amba! Just do your best and tune into how you are feeling, that generally works for me. You are going to rock your new routine Amba!

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