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May Cause Miracles – Day 19 Recap

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Wow, I was just ready to publish a really beautiful post, and poof – gone! I hit discard, thinking I was getting rid of a picture I didn’t want, turns out it was the entire post! Oops, still getting used to the WordPress App. Obviously that blog post was not meant to be seen!

I will quickly share with you an incredible miracle that occurred today. While in the shower (where ideas and thoughts other than kid stuff flow), a business idea that has been simmering for quite some time popped back into my mind. A few weeks ago, the perfect name came to me for this project… and then nothing else! But in perfect time, TODAY, the rest just poured out of me!

It was so exhilarating to feel the voice of my Inner Guide flood through me! Pen to paper I wrote down as much as I could, so as to not forget anything. So amazing to really feel the effects of choosing my thoughts.

I am beyond inspired, I have been working SO hard with all of this conscious-minded work. So nice to see all of the abundance the Universe has in store for me!

The focus of today was forgiveness of self: forgiving myself for the fear-based projections i have placed on my body. They are merely the ego’s way of keeping one stuck in a numbed state. Honestly, there weren’t any moments today when thoughts about my body even came up. Ever so gently, I am forgiving myself, it feels good, I feel free. A quote from today’s reading,

This is the goal of today’s work: to weaken the power we’ve given to he ego’s fog and clear space for the light.

I will continue to focus my thoughts on only the good, on what I want and to consciously create my life. There is some serious motivation from all this crazy miracle-makin’ that was going on here today!


Wishing you a miracle-filled day!

Jenn xx


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  1. Good to hear some great news from you early in the morning! Good luck with your project 🙂 More power to you Jenn!


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