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May Cause Miracles – Day 18 Recap

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Gabby titled todays read, “Gettin’ My Gratitude On!” And so here I am, getting my Gratitude on baby!!!

So much to be grateful for today, aside from the focus of week 3 in May Cause Miracles My B.O.D.Y. I was nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award today – Thank You Amba! Completely humbled by this random act of kindness! Check out Amba’s blog, she is a beautiful writer!

Now, on to the bod.

I have never been overly hung up on my body and the way it looks – I have pretty much been the same size for ages… I’ll be totally transparent here as I know this is all part of growing and my path to FULLY accepting myself and FULLY not being concerned about judgement from others… 150lbs, 5ft 10″. That is my norm and has been since high school – however at the moment there is an extra 10 of post-baby growing pound-age hugging my bod, oh so Lovingly 😉

Why would I bother to share my “stats”? Honestly I’m not sure! However I do know for a fact that all they are, are simply NUMBERS. They do not define me, they do not make me a better/worse person. Those numbers are a teeny, tiny part that make up my physical being which houses my beautiful self.

If you are new to this whole self-love thing, you may think I sound like a complete arrogant ass going on about myself. But no, this in itself is a big leap for me to even bring this up (again growth happening here!). I have learned that a “perfect” body is the one you feel the best in. How you feed it, move it, think of it, refer to it, care for it, Love it – those are all what matter in building YOUR perfect body. All of these things are a daily practice and the awareness of how your perceive your body is the first step (albet the hardest if you are truly honest with yourself) to unconditional bod-Love!

I am raising a son and a daughter here – do I EVER want my children to compare themselves to another person (in a lacking sort of way)? Good grief NO! I want them to Love themselves completely to the core. To see themselves as the awesome beings they are with abundant gifts to share with the world.

Up until recently I would literally cringe when the thought of raising teenagers came to mind (they are 4 years old and 8 months old). When I look at that now through new eyes I see I am already setting up that path to be terrible, stressful and difficult. If I do my part in guiding my children right, those issues won’t be such big issues when they arise. I must lead by example by Loving myself first and expressing Love to them unconditionally. Let them be who they ARE; never inflicting my agenda on how/what I think they should be.

I’m pretty sure most parents would agree with wanting their children to Love themselves completely and to be the individuals they know them to be. Why then, is it so socially accepted and perceived as normal for these same parents to compare themselves to others? To not feel good enough in their own skin? Hypocrisy at it’s best IMO.

hypocrisy |hiˈpäkrisē|

noun ( pl. -sies)

the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

Time to wake up and start Loving ourselves and each other a whole lot more! A powerful quote from MCM,

Gratitude for your body’s true purpose awakens a new perception and releases all false illusions.

Today while showering I said all that I was grateful for with my body, and then went on to express gratitude to having a roof over my head, food in my belly, beautiful children, etc. On and on I went and by the end of it I was bursting with Gratitude! It feels silly for a split second, but then happiness washes over you – you should try it!

You know when you hear of someone losing a leg on t.v. or when the power goes out for a whole day – it is in those moments, you realize how grateful you are for what we all take for granted – having both legs and power to warm your shower. But, as quickly as the thought came into your head, it leaves the building and life carries on…

How about challenging yourself right this very moment to speak aloud what you are grateful for? Air in your lungs, boots to keep your feet dry, water coming out of your tap… You name it, just speak it.

Honestly, a daily practice of affirmations, mindfulness, awareness and shifting into a  conscious state seriously WORKS to bring about miracles. 

One final quote from today’s reading that sings to me,

… Your body’ true purpose: to be the embodiment of love and therefore a messenger for love”

Please don’t compare yourself to anyone; there are FAR too many factors involved that make it impossible to ever be like anyone other than yourself.

I Love You!

Jenn x

(PS. Let me know your thoughts on this and share the Love!)


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  1. Wow! Jen, this was literally exactly what i needed to read. Totally validated my reasons behind nominating you for the award. I am always unhappy with my body. When I say always, I mean ALWAYS! Either my hair is too dry or I’m too fat or I don’t have curves in all the right places. Out of a hundred photographs, I may like one of mine. I forget that I should be thankful for having a body that still functions 100% instead of complaining that it doesn’t look fabulous. Thank you for reminding me. I really want to start my journey of self-affirmation and self-love Jen.

    • A friend recently posted on FB how (as mothers, but would apply to everyone) we need to get out from behind the camera as once we are gone, there will be little photo documentation of our part in the lives of those we love. I am totally guilty of mostly being behind the camera and shying away from having my picture taken, I have never been a fan. That is something I need to get over, as I want my children to see when their mama was young 🙂
      From what I see Amba, you are gorgeous, you write your blog beautifully and you have a good heart with a gift to share with us all! I admire your honesty, big hugs xx

      • Thank you so , so, much for your kind words Jen. You put a smile on my face in the middle of the night, at 3:10 am 🙂 You are absolutely right about the fact that there are always a zillion photos of the kids and very few of the parents. Some of my favorite photographs are of my parents holidaying when they were “oh-so-young” . There is something special about seeing our parents that way, young, full of dreams, easy smiles. It’s like being given the honor of viewing their past, when they were at their happiest and most carefree, maybe. I hope your children have wonderful photographs of you,at this age. to cherish too 🙂

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