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May Cause Miracles – Day 17 Recap

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The affirmations were flowing FREELY today!

I am Love (from day 10 last week, that I am revisiting).

I am not a body.

I am free.

Unless you are following along, you may be quite confused as to what the heck these affirmations mean. The focus this week on my May Cause Miracles journey is on Body Image and Perception.

Our body is simply a vehicle, a vehicle to give and receive Love (FYI the word Love will be capitalized from here on in as it is all there is). The ego will try and hold us back to keep us stuck in the disillusioned state about 95% are in; our body is not good enough, our body is unworthy of love.

My favorite quote from todays reading…

Whatever is insane to the ego is sane to your Inner Guide.

Today I further surrender my crappy perceptions that my ego has filled my spirit with, I surrender these to my Inner Guide.

A dear friend of mine who is on her own spiritual quest sent me a message today and said, “I do find it funny for the friends who don’t understand this spiritual journey think we are nuts lol”.

Yeah, pretty much!

That is another concept I am working on shifting – 1.) giving up all need to feel accepted (as the only acceptance necessary is within ourselves) and 2.) not being affected by what other people in my life say/think/judge/do that may attack or try to break down where I am at. As long as I follow my heart, I am on the right path.

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