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May Cause Miracles – Day 16 Reacp

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If this is your first time visiting, look here to learn about me, Jenn and then have a look here to see what this Miracle stuff is all about 🙂

I am digging deeper into the concept that the ego manipulates how we see our body and takes us away from our physical beings TRUE purpose…

“I welcome my Inner Guide to remind me of my body’s true purpose, which is to be love and share love.”

Tonight I will share with you most of what I just finished writing in my journal…

Today was really POWERFUL! I totally nurtured my body, mind and spirit wholeheartedly. I haven’t felt this peaceful in a long time! I am feeling SO aligned with my life’s true purpose.

I prepared and ate beautiful, clean food. I did a session of yoga surrounded by toys and 2 children 🙂 I did 2 meditation sessions, along with some prayer. Asha and I had an 80’s dance party!! This morning we looked in the mirror and said “I Love You Asha/Jenn”, Asha giggled and repeated and it flowed quite well 🙂 I said my affirmations with major GUSTO, smiled and opened my heart up to receive all of the beautiful gifts that are available to me!

I Love Me!

I Love My Body!

I Am Worthy!

I Will Share My Gift With The World!

{{{Major GUSTO}}}

A beautiful day that I will keep in my mind to model future days!

Namaste friends,

Jenn x

(PS. If you think that my journey may help inspire others to get “unstuck”, please use me as an example and Share with your friends!)


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