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May Cause Miracles – Day 15 Recap

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Let the journey into unconditional love of the physical body begin!

“Each of us in some way has chosen an insane belief about our body and therefore uses the body for the ego’s benefit.”

Pretty powerful quote don’t you think? The ego in all of its ugliness tries its absolute best to keep up separated and detached from what is true… love. Our physical beings are made of love, pure and simple. Have you ever compared yourself to another, beat yourself up for eating that piece of cake, looked in the mirror in disgust at what you see?

How sad is that?! I have done all of the above in the past. It has been 8 months since I gave birth to my second child, my body is by no means where I want it to be. But today I looked in the mirror and spoke to myself about all that I love about my body, pretty confronting hey? I am proud that this body has grown, nurtured and carried two beautiful babies, my long legs have walked me along a whole lot of paths in my life, my feet have kept me grounded (for the most part!), my arms keep my babies safe.

Having said all of that, I recognize that I do need to take more time for myself everyday to further nurture my body – because I am worth it.

Part of today’s Morning Reflection that I just loved…

“I will not judge myself for the way I’ve treated my body; rather, I will love myself for looking at the ego and shining light on its darkness.”

My affirmation for today that I will carry with me for life – TODAY I CHOOSE LOVE INSTEAD OF MY EGO’S PERCEPTIONS.

photo (3)

Wishing love and kindness to you and your bodies 🙂


(Taj is slowly getting better, I love seeing him in motion amongst the sickness!)


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