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May Cause Miracles – Day 14 Recap

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Day 14 is for reflection on the past week and preparation for the upcoming week.

I’ll be completely honest, today was difficult as HELL. There were a few triggers that surfaced and It. Was. Hard.

My week to look inside and practice self-love did not go as I had hoped, I absolutely got clear on a lot. However, I was unable to spend the necessary, precious time really getting into my meditations and journaling that I truly need. My 5th night sleeping upright in a chair with a very sick baby has made me crack, no sleep and a baby who is having difficulty breathing is no space for true, reflective inner work.

This next week I will revisit days 8-14 as I feel I still need to spend some more time there.

I am sure the Universe is screaming at me, telling me that my ‘inner workings’ need A LOT more TLC in order for real change to occur. It does come from within first and foremost.

So tomorrow, I will wake up again and decide to move ahead, not think about the setbacks of this particularly crap day.

Start fresh.

Be kind to myself.

Forgive myself.

Love myself fully.

Jenn x


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  1. Hope your kid feels better soon Jenn! Also, I think what is even more important that being optimistic, is being optimistic despite having bad things happen to you. It is wonderful to see that you have the fortitude to practice self-love even in trying times. 🙂

    • Thanks Amba – Taj is feeling better today, so grateful. Nothing worse than an unwell baby.
      Self-love is such a practice, one I am doing my best to practice even when I feel unworthy or completely unmotivated. Even the smallest act of self-love goes a long way, like having a shower (difficult some days with kids!).

  2. Thank you for being so forthcoming about how you’re feeling, as well as how you need to regroup and focus your energy on week 2 once more. It’s helpful to hear what others are going through.

    Hope Taj feels better!

    I am on Day 13 and feel better then I did a couple days ago. It is helpful to review past journaling and even use meditations from week 1 again. But truly what helped most was yesterdays practice (Day 12) And using the Forgiveness affirmation… I have had such difficulty with my emotions here and there but I look forward for what is to come.

    • Hi Allison!

      Thank you so much for commenting! I am so glad to hear you are doing MCM as well!!!
      Yes, a MAJOR regroup was needed, it is so amazing how old habits and patterns keep trying to pull you back to their dark, manipulative hole. But I am sky high at the moment and I feel it is from taking the extra time to get clear on my intentions again.

      Thank You! Taj is feeling better each day, hoping he will have a blissful nights sleep tonight!

      So amazing to witness your emotions and triggers. Good for you for doing the work, this is so hard, but I know it is going to massively shift my life!
      Please keep me posted on your journey Allison!

      Much love!

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