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May Cause Miracles – Day 12 Recap

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Wow Day 12! I am so thrilled that I am still going strong, digging in deeper and deeper. I know I am really just getting started!

The best part?

My fears are really not that bad or scary anymore! A fear is just a negative feeling you give your power over to. In the big picture, it is all a choice.

Here is a video, I missed doing them – but my children are my first priority (as well as myself of course, we are talking about self-love this week!), wet shower hair and a busy baby in the background… welcome to MY life!

As I mentioned in the video, I still felt good and kept my thoughts aligned with my goals – practice and repetition really does work!

Everyone should try this, seriously – an easy, fit-into-your-life kind of cleanse that brings about so much CLARITY!

Here is a picture of a particular passage that really sums it up, I embrace it all…

photo (2)



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