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May Cause Miracles – Day 10 Recap

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I choose to love myself today.

That was the central theme today for day 10. Easier said than done… It’s quite interesting how unconditional love with my children is a complete no-brainer, but with myself there are some conditions attached. However it is getting easier each day as I am doing my best to focus on what I want in my life vs. what I don’t want.

I actually feel like everyday this is getting easier; holding my intention in the forefront that is. The ‘work’ is still hard, ruthless and raw. But I definitely know now that these fears/limiting beliefs/hang ups about myself are simply thoughts. I have enabled these thoughts to be negative. So, if that is the case, I should be able to do the opposite, yes? Happiness, Bliss, Joy and Love are our natural state.

Each time I open up to the positive thoughts first and stay in that centered place of Love, the negative thoughts simply pale in comparison and dont have a chance in hell to be absorbed. The trick is to keep that method fresh and never lose sight of it.

What you think about you bring about.

I really loved this particular passage today… “What I choose to see as real today is love and only love. i am love.”

I must say that during this journey of complete surrender, my creative juices are SO flowing! My brain is flooded with all sorts of ideas and inspirations 🙂

That is all for tonight, it is time for me to look myself square in the mirror and say “I Love You Jenn!”… have you tried this?


Jenn x


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  1. I love this compassionate attitude you have toward yourself, inspiring!


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