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May Cause Miracles – Day 4 Recap

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Today there were many little miracles sprinkled throughout the day that really made me believe in all of this miracle-making business. I awoke to a couple of beautiful messages that literally brought me to tears, in a good way! I am constantly amazed at the human connection, even between people who have never actually met in person before.

As I sat in a puddle smiling with my sweet babies giggling and playing as they generally do in the morning (well ok, Asha does have a tendency to be grumpy some mornings, but not today!), I was filled with such a heightened level of gratitude, I thought I would literally burst!

As we made our way downstairs and I lit my candle to do my morning “work”, I opened the book to Day 4. And what was the main focus of the day… GRATITUDE! Again, I burst into tears (really, this is all good people!), my initial thought was, “how ironic” – but I quickly squashed that thought and said aloud, “of course gratitude is the theme today!”. My journal got a huge dose of loving thoughts!

And what a great start to then carry that amazing feeling of gratitude throughout my day! There were all sorts of little sprinkles of good when I noticed. They always appeared when I was focusing on how I was feeling. It takes a lot of practice and repetition to become conscious in noticing the good above the not-so-good, but that is why this is a 6 week course.

Creating new habits & new patterns = more positive experiences & a deeper level of consciousness.

I thought it would be fun at dinner time for Asha and I to say something we are grateful for in that moment. I said I was so grateful for her and her beautiful heart and for my gorgeous salad that would keep my body healthy. Asha was grateful for the stars in her book because they shine so brightly 🙂

So sweet, I think we will continue that ritual as well!

There are times when I think, does Asha really “get” what gratitude means, does she understand all of the little lessons I am trying to expose her to… and then there are times when I ask, am I doing anything right? I know the best way for children to learn anything, is through witnessing the adults around them in action. So tonight while putting her to bed (for second time!), she said out of the blue, “Mummy, you are the bestest cooker, you make yummy cookies and special cakes and carrots…” and on and on she went telling me all of these things that I did that made her happy, things I hadn’t even give much thought to. She was full of GRATITUDE! Affirming in that moment that I was doing something right 🙂 Such a beautiful moment that I will cherish forever.


Aside from all the negative that can pop up in a day, I will continue to work my hardest and CHOOSE to focus on Gratitude, Love and Happiness. Less wrinkles that way and way more miracles to follow!

Jenn xo


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  1. Your amazing energy shone through your words once again! Your kids are gorgeous by the way 🙂


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