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May Cause Miracles – Day 3 Recap

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Another day passed, another day witnessing my fears and negative patterns and how I react to them. It was all about choosing a new perspective.

Here is the video…

As I have mentioned in the video, I have received a few messages about what’s going on, am I okay? Curiosity as to why I am doing this work. Well here goes…

I believe with every inch of my being that we are the creators of our own lives, not victims of our circumstances, so in doing a 40 day cleanse and releasing fear seems only appropriate to me for personal shifting to take place.

It is all a choice.

To be happy.

To be sad.

To be miserable.

To be joyful.

I am consciously trying my best in all areas in my life to choose happiness, simply because that is the ONLY thing that I can control… How I feel.

Far too many people in my opinion are walking around sad, bored, uninspired and feeling like “well, I guess it’s all not that bad, could be worse.” For me, that is simply not good enough – our natural state is BLISS, LOVE and HAPPINESS.

I feel a strong calling that this particular chapter in my journey is necessary, and it is being amplified and accelerated by blogging and doing a video recap about it each day as well.

Since childhood, there has always been subtle, raised eye brows and snickering in regards to my sunny outlook on life – look on the bright side of life (or head-in-the-cloud-itis as some would call it!), but as I said before I see it no other way. Sure at that moment the situation may seem really hard (and it is really hard), but I do trust on a deep level that it is happening for a reason. A shift obviously needs to take place or a major lesson must be learned, maybe you are actually seeking for what you don’t want based on how you are asking for it/putting it out to the universe…

Being so open and vulnerable on such deep subjects definitely makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Unfortunately the only way to make change is to feel some discomfort (make that a LOT) and become vulnerable and open, which is why I am going WAY out of my comfort zone in sharing videos and blogs about my journey.

I hope this can bring about some awareness of your own fears, no matter how big or small. They are all real to you and you have the ability to shift them and make new, positive associations.

Make the shift and you’re already there šŸ™‚

Wishing you a fearless night friends!


(PS. What is really holding you back from facing your fears or limiting beliefs? Think about it!)


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