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May Cause Miracles – Day 2 Recap

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Well today was really quite good, I feel really strong in dealing with so much of what is happening in my life, seeing that all of what seems really hard at times, is just as it should be. To enjoy the journey and TRUST that the universe has it all mapped out perfectly for me, it is simply my choice to make it what I want!

Here is my video recap for today. I feel that I may appear a little “cruise-y”, however don’t kid yourself… this is really making an impact on me and really getting me to look deep inside and face A LOT of things that have needed to be witnessed.


Grateful for this journey.

Grateful for this opportunity to open myself up to unlimited abundance.

Grateful that I love myself enough to do the WORK that must be done.

Grateful I can now WITNESS my fears and see them through “Love Coloured Glasses”.

Grateful for my life because it is exactly as it should be in this moment.

Grateful that I have the POWER to switch into “feel-good” mode at any moment – just need practice and DISCIPLINE.

As I said in the video, this is such a “simple” process, but SO incredibly effective. And I only mean simple in what it requires each day – the work itself is anything but simple…

Have a beautiful evening!


(PS. Do you think you could EVER see fear through Love-Coloured Glasses? Let me know in the comments below!)



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  1. I have watched all of your videos and checked out your blog here, looked at the preview of the book on and I have to say I am interested in doing this with you. Because I do not know what the entire book entails you to do, I am not sure what the rules are however, even though I feel like I am being nosey is there any way you can willing give an example of a fear you are dealing with and the stages you are going through while dealing with that fear. I say that then I sort of take it back because I feel it is too personal for you to share your fears and terrible for me to ask. I feel like you are quite vague and the wording that you use generalizes what you are going through. My mom is sitting right here beside me and we watched your videos together and I mentioned that maybe one of your fears is being more open about things. I don’t know, I know I am like that. I will order the book as soon as possible and start this with you, then we wont be alone and maybe we can shock our own worlds together at the same time. This is more of a book than a comment however I look forward to your response, please be blunt with me and have no fear of hurting my feelings. Keep going Jenn you are doing great and you will continue to do great!

    • I LOVE your questions Pauline! My videos are “off the cuff” and certainly not rehearsed by any means, so by vague – yes, there is only so much about my personal life I am willing to share on YouTube (ie. the WORLD!).
      No, one of my fears is not about being more open about things, I have no problem there – however I CHOOSE who I share what with 🙂
      Certainly talking about personal stuff on a video that everyone I know could potentially see is a BIG step for me to overcome – but I AM doing it! Check out Day 3 Recap, as you are not the only one asking me this!

      There are no rules! Basically the process for the book is this,
      Morning Reflection (short passage to read and then mediate on)
      Morning Affirmation (what you repeat whenever you lose ground, when fear creeps in, etc. You also set your alarm/timer every hour during the day to repeat your affirmation – this really keeps you on track!
      Evening Exercises (She asks you some questions to journal about and then leads you in a meditation)

      DO IT!! I think you will really love it’s simplicity to follow. Something small like taking some ritualistic time for yourself is really wonderful! I am in love with journalling again! It really isn’t a major time consuming thing, more of a great way to be conscious of your reactions, limiting beliefs, fears, etc. that may come up and how to shift that negative feeling to love.

      Check out for the book, good prices and FREE shipping!

      I am here to support you as much as you need, I know you would reciprocate!

  2. Jenn, keep going, girl! How fun to get to know you on this journey together. When we finally, actually meet someday, it will be the coolest thing!


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