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It’s The Little Things…

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Today being Boxing Day (and it was 35 degrees C today!) is the perfect day for rest and relaxation. It is amazing how exhausting the holidays can be – and I mean that in a good way, not a complaining way 🙂

A list of the wonderful little things about today:

  • morning at the beach with green smoothies and oats



  • private beach to ourselves
  • sandcastles



  • laughing and seashell searching 



  • a 3 hour afternoon nap with my little angel – heaven
  • chalkboard fun

    chalkboard fun

    chalkboard fun

  • Asha off to the park with Daddy (giving Mum a chance to catch up on stuff!)
  • paddle pool time trying to cool off at 6pm



  • animal games
  • salad leftovers for dinner
  • story time
  • foot and leg massage for Asha before bed (why did I ever stop doing this?)
  • milk and cuddles in bed
  • letting the dishes pile up a little
  • blogging and watching It’s Complicated with Troy
  • actually sitting down for a few hours before bedtime 🙂


Hope your day was wonderful in all the little ways!


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