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Oh How I Love Food…

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I love everything about it! The cooking, the baking, the smells, the preparing, the blending, the mixing, the creating, the waiting and of course the devouring!

I have no formal training in food creating, however I wouldn’t discount most of my life being revolved to some degree around baking, cooking and creating! But will never claim to be an expert of any kind 🙂

For the last several years I have been seeking alternatives to everything conventional in regards to recipe ingredients ie. “vegan-izing” and “health-ifying” most recipes. I love to experiment with recipes I have or come across and make them more healthy (and make them more my own). For example, using spelt, oat or buckwheat flours instead of wheat flours (wholewheat included), and using natural sweeteners such as dates and maple syrup instead of white and raw sugar.

Since becoming pregnant and giving birth to my daughter in 2008, my inspiration increased as I became even more aware of what I was putting into my body (and eventually my daughters body). And now that my stomach has been awakened by the world of Raw Food – there are so many more options and fun things to try!

Just thinking about how much energy my 2 year old daughter has is a serious reminder of how she so does not need any form of sugar other that from a natural source! Even that is a rare thing at this point! And to think of so many children and even babies that get it all the time (and I am not knocking that, to each their own – I just find it sad that some parents don’t read labels,  they buy processed foods and don’t look into what some of the ingredients really are and how they affect children) . Once the taste is developed for sweets, and it doesn’t take long, (I know from a lifetime of personal experience!) they are hooked and it is an absolute struggle to get back to basics… Whole (and as much as possible Living) Foods.

Anyways enough about that… okay, one final rant – I will continue to defend my right to not feed my child crap (can you even believe I get questioned for feeding my child the most healthiest diet possible [on top of  breastfeeding] – it really blows my mind!). Funny how people see it as Asha is missing out on something, how sad. She will have the rest of her life to eat garbage if she chooses, but while I have control (and I don’t like the word control), rephrase: but while I am preparing her food – it’ll be Whole!!

And besides… she really liked her vegan, sugar-free cake for her birthday in November – made by her loving Mama!

Look! She is grabbing for it!

My Sweet 2 Year Old!

A Final Note – I in NO way claim to be perfect or have it all figured out (I can certainly indulge at the best [and worst] of times!), that is why I like to blog, research and connect with like-minded people: a constant learning curve! I am however, more aware now how different foods affect me and therefore do my best to stay on the more healthy track for optimal feelinggoodness 🙂

Happy Eating ~ Jenn


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  1. Good to see you are back to your blogging.Keep experimenting so you have it well perfected when I arrive. I expect you will make me one of those yummy cakes(perhaps with a tad of cocoa which is healthy).
    Love Mum


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