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Times Are A Changin’ Thank God…

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So great to know some of the world is heading back to a simpler place, even in such busy times. I am always amazed at how much “stuff” we accumulate and push onto our kids to stimulate (well over stimulate actually) and entertain them.

Children really just need LOVE, FRESH AIR, SUNSHINE and WHOLE FOODS (by whole I mean unprocessed foods) 🙂

It is impossible to not take notice of the abundant amounts of information coming at us daily to educate and increase our awareness on living simpler, healthier lives – Conscious Living. From the foods we eat, the water we drink, the waste we create to the future of our kids… Time To Wake Up!

A great video! I am a true believer that even the smallest steps/changes can make the biggest difference in our lives and those around us – and then the wave (ie. change) rolls on!

This Girl Is LOVIN' Life!

Love it! Have a Happy, Love-Filled Day!


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