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My Birthday…

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Well I have officially entered my last year of my 20’s (gasp!) – okay kidding, not that dramatic I know!

However, I have to say after most Birthday’s in the past, my choice has been to hibernate and really downplay my Birthday. But this year felt a LOT different! In a good way… I was actually excited it was my special day and there was that special “Christmas morning” feel to it – it all just felt great!

Troy, Asha and I did some running around, errands, etc. – but it was FUN! And to top it off Troy took me out to a fantastic dinner (The Red Teapot in Northbridge) and the to a surprise show at the Perth Music Hall – DRUM TAO!!

All I have to say is WOW – what an incredible show, I am still shocked and amazed at what hard work, passion and skill can create on stage! Check out their website! A wonderful evening indeed!

And I have such wonderful friends here in Perth! My “culinary cooking queen” friend Laila made me an incredible Key Lime Pie for my birthday (she knows I love my desserts!!) and then… be still my heart… a gift of her very special – GUACAMOLE! Seriously this stuff should be patented! I could not ask for a better present! No pics to share, however imagine BLISS, that is what this tastes like! Cynthia (check out her gorgeous jewellery collection!) and I were in foodie bliss!

And then on Saturday my dear friend Danielle treated my like a RAW Queen! We went to the Freo markets where there are all sorts of fabulous market stalls, including a Raw Food stall! Little old Perth is getting there, slowly but surely!! We shared the most incredible Raw Pizza – another absolute gem! WOW! And a green smoothie for Danielle (spinach, banana, bee pollen & mango – YUM) and I had a “Choc It To Me” (cacao powder, banana, almond milk and agave – HEAVEN).

Raw Pizza & Green Smoothie 🙂

We were beside ourselves in Raw bliss and after a lovely play at the park with our little loves we headed back to her place where she had all the ingredients to make me some Raw, Organic CHOCOLATE! And boy was that fun (and super easy – but I am giving Danielle FULL credit for the muscle work grating the cacao butter!). You seriously have not tried chocolate until you try pure, Raw, unprocessed Chocolate – even my Cadbury-lovin’ husband Troy was moved! I have one more piece awaiting my mouth in the fridge, however, I have to say it is quite amazing how eating Raw chocolate makes you enjoy smaller amounts. You really don’t need a whole block (like I very much used to consume!), just a small piece and ahhhhhhh! A serious SuperFood I am grateful to have in my life 🙂

mmm... raw chocolate with goji berries

All in all – as you can tell, my friends are good to me and they know how much I love FOOD!

Food makes us happy, so why not make it good?

Yum, Yum!

One more for the road…

joy! joy! joy!


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  1. Great photos Jenn! Had a lovely time savouring every bite with you!

  2. Great food makes for great photos! A favorite day in my books indeed xoxo


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