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No Use Crying (or Blowing a Gasket) Over Spilled OJ…

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Ahhh patience… what does that mean really? Not completely losing it at the drop of a hat? Being clam and “mother earth” like all the time? Being serene and just letting the world and your life “be”? I am sure it is all of the above and more.

These little people in our lives certainly do test us. Children, the fruit of our loins, the cream in our coffee, the butter to our bread, children – or in my case, child… miss Asha.

my little explorer!

Just this morning, I was cleaning up the usual breakfast mess that my daughter loves to create while eating (I am all for getting the hands, face and clothes dirty kind of eating), and generally I am one step ahead of her. Always on the look out for what she could possibly, and most likely, get her little (insert: precious) hands into. Today, however I was not obviously on the ball and Asha grabbed my glass of OJ from the table, which I had left perfectly placed on the edge (geez Jenn did you just become a Mum?) and the full glass landed all over my sweet girl as well as all over my nice rug under my kitchen table (giving Thanks that the colour scheme on the rug is a dark one!).

Initially I wanted to grab the glass out of her hand and say something along the lines of… “ASHA!! Look at this mess!! Now Mummy has to clean it up, blahh, blahh, blahh, etc., etc.”, however I refrained and again, for the sake of my developing little persons self esteem and stage in her life, giving Thanks for doing so. I bit my tongue, removed her soggy clothes and cleaned up the mess; luckily Troy was around to help as well.

I am sure you are wondering, “what the hell is the point this mad blogger is trying to get at in regards to spilling OJ and not yelling at her daughter?” The point is I tend to be a very blunt and forthright, not always think before saying kind of gal. This was a big step for me to not react and rather just give Asha a kiss. It’s not like I would normally hit her or yell at her – it is just that this morning I was especially tired and not feeling my happy self, and therefore in a place where lashing out could definitely be a possibility. SO I thought first about how I would react and realized, she is doing exactly as she should be – exploring! I am the one that left my glass of orange juice on the table near the edge – my bad! I am usually one step ahead of Asha, but not going to beat myself up about that either 🙂

I love my little girl and all she teaches me, so grateful for such a precious gift!

The point of this post is just a lesson for me, may not make sense to anyone else, but a lesson nothing more…

Have a great day,



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  1. Great job mummy,now the hard part is to keep it up ha


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