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Meat-Less Update…

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It has been almost 6 weeks since my “meat-less” adventure began, feeling really good and normal about it, it wasn’t at all as difficult as I thought it would be!

I have to admit I have been a bit slack on trying new recipes as of late… I need to start writing down things I try as I always seem to forget what I have made, especially the really good recipes!

I am quite confused about the lines of vegetarianism… Several vegetarians I know eat fish. Is that not considered animal flesh? How does one call themselves a vego and still eat an animal?

According to Wikipedia, yes I know is not the best source of all out there, a fish is any aquatic vertebrate animal that is covered with scales… An ANIMAL no less!!

Another Wiki definition: Vegetarianism is the practice of following a plant-based diet including fruits, vegetables, cereal grains, nuts, and seeds, with or without dairy products and eggs. A vegetarian does not eat meat, including: red meat, game, poultry, fish, crustacea, shellfish, and products of animal slaughter such as animal-derived gelatine and rennet. There are a number of vegetarian diets. A lacto-vegetarian diet includes dairy products but excludes eggs, an ovo-vegetarian diet includes eggs but not dairy products, and a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet includes both eggs and dairy products. A vegan diet excludes all animal products, such as dairy products, eggs, and honey. Vegetarianism may be adopted for ethical, health, environmental, religious, political, cultural, aesthetic, economic, or other reasons.

Semi-vegetarian diets consist largely of vegetarian foods, but may include fish and sometimes poultry, as well as dairy products and eggs. With these diets, the word “meat” is often defined as only mammalian flesh. A pescetarian diet, for example, includes “fish but no meat”. The colloquial application of the word “vegetarian” to such diets has led vegetarian groups, such as the Vegetarian Society, to clarify that such fish or poultry-based diets are not vegetarian, due to the fact that fish and birds are animals.

So what’s the deal? Anyone able to enlighten me on this one?

Also I am searching for alternatives to fish oils for my omega intake – nuts, seeds, seed/nut oils and Spirulina are good sources. Anything else?

Lots of questions, but that is what life is all about isn’t it?

Happy eating! And if you are reading this, please say hello and let me know you are out there, if there is no one out there, that’s okay – I will continue to put my thoughts out there as I am finding regular blogging very therapeutic!

Jenn šŸ™‚


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  1. conradvisionquest

    i’m not big on labels, but i find it humorous that people don’t think fish are animals. anyhoo, for omega 3 i like walnuts and flaxseed oil. i squirt a little of that in my daily fruit smoothie (although it hasn’t been daily lately, i am lazy)

  2. Hi Wendy!
    Thanks for your comment! I find it quite humorous as well, fish have mamas too!
    I will get some more walnut and flaxseed oil as well, good tip šŸ™‚
    Looking forward to reading your posts!
    Enjoy the day,

  3. Renata Corporan

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  4. Candra Gostowski

    Vegetarian foods are great and tasty, i shifted to vegan diet a couple of years ago and my body has been very good. ::”;*

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