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I am so inspired by others who can spread love across the virtual world so honestly. Such a gift and has inspired me to do the same, even if no one is out there reading this!

I have been reading the blog of Eva Markvoort, a Cystic Fibrosis warrior who gave her all and invited all of us into her secret world and battle with this fatal genetic disease.

Her journal is found here and I encourage you all to have a look and be inspired at an incredible example of the strength and resilience of the human spirit. My life is forever changed and blessed to have been graced with such an honest and beautiful individual, even if only via the web – it is virtually impossible to not love and feel connected to Eva after reading her blog.

Eva was a strong advocate of ORGAN DONATION; it saved her life and gave her an extra 2 years of dancing, singing, playing, loving, living…

When you put into perspective another person’s battle just to take a single breath, you realize how lucky you are to not to have to think about such things. Not that everyone’s problems aren’t important and the main focus of their lives – it just gives us a different perspective to think about is all. The little things we take for granted (or do not even give much thought to) should be the things we give the greatest Thanks for…

Okay, a little rant here – if you are not an Organ Donor, please sign up! If you are – WAY TO GO! Just think how signing a single piece of paper can change another’s life forever, what a gift!

For this reason and to honour an incredible human being named Eva, I have added “Breathe.” to my blog title.


Wishing everyone easy breathing and happiness!

Love, Love, Love,

Jenn 🙂


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