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Lessons from Asha…

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Asha is my sweet little daughter, 17 months old at the time of this post. My daughter simply amazes me more and more each and every day!


When I look at how she goes about her days, just playing, talking (in her own very unique language might I add!), eating, exploring, learning (well absorbing really) and laughing – I LOVE her laugh! Her energy levels are remarkable!

She looks at the world in such a simple way, in such a pure manner. I think we could all learn so much from the little people in our lives!

On days when I am feeling down or not my usual happy self, I look at my daughter (that is usually enough to lift my spirits!) and think – look at how she simply goes with the flow, takes risks and doesn’t overthink everything! Serious lessons I am learning from her…

One of my goals as a parent is to keep her that way by instilling self confidence, self worth and love into her life everyday. I can only hope she will carry it on from there.

The best way to teach is to lead by example – WOW what an incredible responsibility! Asha is my own little accountibility partner 🙂

Have a great day and be sure to give your children a BIG hug and kiss!



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  1. Great blog Jenn and especially love reading about your role as a Mum to your little beauty,my Granddaughter. You do have the great fortune and opportunity to be in her presence everyday watching her to remind you to go with the flow, relax about life ,to let things go and move on and look at things and situations with a light Heart.You are fortunate and blessed to be able to do that so how cool is that.Look forward to more reading.

    Very proud of you from one Mum to another, you have a good Heart.


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