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It’s Been A While! This Will Be A Long One :)

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I cannot believe we are at the end of March 2010 already! What an incredible 90 days thus far – not short of some stress – but mostly full of fun and love!
My little cutie exploring the world on her walking legs – Jan 2010
Troy and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on Feb 9th, we dropped Asha off at her Nana & Opa’s and went and saw Avatar 3D! So awesome! And we saw it in Gold Class – even better!
  Check out the 3D goggles!
Such a fun date day 🙂
We went over to Sydney near the end of February – it was wonderful. can’t say I loved the humidity, but still lovely! I had a SendOutCards seminar to attend, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to get a little time away for a family vacation before Troy begun work. We stayed in Coogee for 2 nights, which was lovely and Bondi for another 2 nights at a friends place. It was a great 5 days away and we returned recharged and ready to go!
 Asha sleeping on the plane 🙂
Coogee Baths – very European!
Coogee Beach, so gorgeous
My favorite… Mum & Babe on Beach 🙂
Late night walk home from Bondi beach…
Walking back from the beach, so sweet!
Our little beach babe at Bondi Baths
The new year has brought so many changes for my family (which is a good thing right?). Troy has begun his new career in real estate. He is working with a very busy agent south of the river – flat out, but loving it! I know he is finally in the right place when Troy says “it doesn’t feel like I am going to work” – if you knew Troy you would understand! And why shouldn’t we all find something that we love that much? I have too and I get to be around my daughter all day to boot – best of both worlds I say 🙂
What has been all consuming recently is my on-going journey with food! I have struggled for a long time with eating meat – but never felt a strong enough urge to do much about it except reduce my intake… until now! I have been off of animal flesh for almost 3 weeks and I have to say – what the hell has taken me so long! I feel really quite incredible these days! It has pushed me to get creative and think outside the box for what to make for dinner! It has been pretty easy for me, however Troy has not loved the idea from the start, however he is getting used to it and feels really good as well!
I have also been researching a lot about veganism and raw food, I tend to cook a lot of vegan (I started when Asha was just getting into food as I didn’t want her to have any animal products for the first year), it is quite easy to substitute, just takes a little research is all! The raw food way is a whole other ball game! I love the idea and will incorporate some more raw into my diet, but at the moment going totally raw will not work as from my research, your body naturally detoxes and the toxins are excreated through the breaskmilk (and the placenta), so not good as I am still breastfeeding Asha. Once she weans herself, I will gradually add more raw into my diet. I love the idea of this way of life, however I will more likely turn vegan before fully raw and will probablly never go fully raw! It is quite interesting, I have been reading so many blogs and stuff online about this and for some it seems more like a competition to be the “rawest” of the raw! Seriously, just be concious about what you are putting into your body and make the right choices for yourself – who cares who is more raw than the next? I sure don’t! I think if we can all reduce (or better yet eliminate) animal consumption and eat locally and seasonally, we will do the earth some serious good!
My next biggest challenge is to cut
out the nasty SUGAR! I will fully admit I am addicted to the sweet stuff – not proud of that, but awareness is the first step! I am eating more fruit, drinking even more water (I already drink large amounts) and trying to recognize the craving cues (stree, anxiety, homesickness, etc.) and redirect my thoughts to something else… a work in progess indeed, but something that needs to be dealt with sooner than later!
A milk stop at the park – March 2010
And of course there is my sweet little Asha, who at the moment is running laps around the room and moving different items (books, balls, dolls) from one shelf to the other – I think she is a bit of a type A personality like me! She is a lovely little girl and I can no longer say baby (sniff, sniff), she is fully, absolutely a toddler!! And is learning to push all of the buttons necessary to get a reaction from Troy and I! Amazing the lesson of patience one learns when becoming a parent (or not!) – I am choosing patience, for the sake of Asha’s growing curiosity and innocence. When I am really pushed, I try to remember who I am dealing with – she is not even 17 months old yet! C’mon get a grip Mum! As Conficious says, “Those who anger you, conquer you”.
 Classic Pout!
She absolutely melts my heart!
And of course I cannot forget to mention The Heart Link Network! I am in my 6th month and loving it! We have topped off at 17 (that is all my house will hold!) and it has been so wonderful! Great energy, great women, great food (if I do say so myself!) and a great experieince by attendees! If you are in the US, Canada or Australia, look up a chapter close to you!

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