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The “Silly Season” Is Here!

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I am doing my best to get into the Christmas spirit this year – usually this in no challenge for me (we’re talking tree up and house decorated early November!). I suppose this year I haven’t been reminded of the season as I am still getting used to living in a hot country during this time of year! Something about wearing shorts and flip-flops while Christmas shopping doesn’t seem to register with me! I am not complaining, last year my family came here to Perth for Christmas (and a wedding and to meet their newest family member!) so it felt more Christmasy…
I am getting into the spirit for my daughter! My hubby Troy knows it means a lot to me to keep on with some of the same traditions I had growing up. I put my tree up the other day and we had to put it up high so miss Asha won’t completely have her way with it! So far she has touched the branches a little, but for the most part she doesn’t seem to care that it is there! But I am sure when I cantually decorate it with shiny balls she will think differently!
Australian Christmas seems to comprise of bbq’s, pool party’s, bbq’s, cold on in hand and seafood – what, no turkey? I may try roasting a small bird on Christmas Eve as it is usually in the mid to high 30’s on Christmas day! Imagine a hot oven just adding to the temperature of the already smokin’ hot house! I may combine CAN & AUS – bbq the turkey! I will be starting my baking this weekend as I have all kinds of little events planned and always love to share my Christmas treats with friends 🙂

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