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A New and Exciting Venture!

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I am so proud to say I have recently become the Area Coordinator for The Heart Link Network – all I can say is YES to connecting with other women in my community, YES to helping others to grow the business they love and YES to putting myself out there (way out of my comfort zone!) – and I might insert here that it has not been that bad at all, not nearly as scary as I thought it would be!!
I am holding monthly meetings in my home (complete with dinner, dessert and lots of fun female bonding time!). We get together to meet, share, learn and connect! FANTASTIC! I could not be happier to have found this amazing network that is purely based on what women do best – networking with heart!
After attending a networking event a while back that made me more nervous than the first day of highschool (and my goodness that was nerve racking!), I had to race through with 30 seconds on the clock to let everyone know what I was passionate about – are you kdding me? It was so difficult and felt so rushed. I thought there has got to be a better way to do this! Funny how when you put these things out into the universe amazing things happen… Enter a conference call that mentioned the HLN and so I investigated and thanks goodness I did as I found we have nothing quite like this here in Perth so I immediately signed up! And I am so glad I did! My first event was Nov 18th and with 10 (including me) in attendance, it was so wonderful! Amazing connections were made and will continue to blossom! I am so happy to be taking on the role of helping women connect and grow professionally and personally, myself included in the personally growing part 🙂 YES to serving others!!

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